Pick Up Lines That Work The Best One

Published: 02nd May 2012
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Pick Up Lines that Work the Best

For women who are wiser and brimming with intelligence, they cannot be easily wooed with a mere pick up line. In fact, pick up lines should not be encouraged at all. For a man who uses pick lines implies only one thing. That man may lack manly appeal and wit to attract a woman in a nice way. It is much better for a man to use his charm rather than relying on mere pick up lines.

Different women have different reactions to men using pick up lines. Other might find those men cheesy and corny. As a consequence, women would go as far as away from that person. Other women also find the use of pick up lines cute. They even find it enticing and attractive because most of them would think its a funny way of seducing women. Although it is not encouraged, the use of pick up lines that work the best in attracting women may not altogether be set aside. It may be used to set a first impression or caught the attention of a girl or just to break the ice or a way to start a conversation. So if you only want all those things you should try these pick up lines that work in breaking the ice or starting a conversation with a woman but should not be used while the conversation gets deeper because you might drive a girl away. This list of pick up lines will just act as a motivation in getting the attention of your intended. Maybe, you might be successful in the use of this strategy.

Excuse me, is this seat taken?

This is one of the most common pick up lines that work in a bar, restaurant or food chain where you can see a woman sitting alone. Other women would think negatively if asked this particular question. So, the secret to be used for you to overcome the woman's awkwardness into allowing you to sit next to her is to be polite as much as possible and give your best charming smile ever. Other women may come into conclusion that you may think highly of her in assuming that she had a companion. This idea will certainly flatter her. You have to make eye contact when asking for her permission. If you recognize the cues, immediately react and simply say hello or start a conversation and use some type of situational opener that pertains to the environment or something she is wearing, etc. This makes you come off natural for you and she will never thought for a second that you just used a pick up like to have a conversation with her.

Don't you find this place amazing?

The pick up lines that work the best one in unfamiliar places and if the girl is alone. It can either take place in a gallery or anywhere where you can ask for the girl an impression about the place. Eye contact is not necessary when you use this kind of pick up line because you are asking for her opinion about the place. So the proper gesture is to make her truly believe that you value her impression about the scenery of the place.

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